Bad Credit Auto Loans Columbus Ohio

APPROVED, Bad Credit Auto Loans ends Bad Blood in Columbus OH between Consumers and Used Car Dealers.

There’s nothing worse than being kicked out a window and falling several stories like Taylor Swift in her Bad Blood video, except being denied an auto loan because of bad credit.

The biggest problem is that every used car dealer promises that i can get a car loan, so i go to the car dealership and put my application in. After sitting several hours they come and tell me that i need a co-signor or a bigger down payment; this is the same thing as being denied in my book.

So now i search for a dealership where i can get a car without a co-signor and a larger down payment. The only problem is that i am told the same thing, which is the same as being denied.

So you tell me, why wouldn’t i have Bad Blood used car dealers, and used car salespeople?

i cannot change my bad credit overnight, it’s just where i am at this moment.

i see all the commercials ads and I want to Apply Now with Bobb Says Yes, except i am that it will end in Bad Blood.

It’s hard for me to accept the fact that I cannot afford my dream car or a car that is noticeable, especially when considering that i need a car to get to work.

It was hard swallowing my pride and my ego. Bobb Says Yes helped me understand that I can only get what i can afford. Although the car was not a head turner, it gets me back and forth to work without worries.

Bobb Says Yes is able to help anyone get bad credit auto loans in Columbus, Ohio approved.

1. Apply Now

2. Bring the documents from the list below when you come in.


Documents to Bring With You

When you go into the dealership to discuss funding, you need to bring along some important documentation. These things will certainly enable a dealer to develop who you are as well as verify that you work, that you have a record of making month-to-month payments promptly and have pals or household the dealership can call to locate you if you stop paying. Bring these items with you:

    • One of the most recent pay stub (or tax return, if self-employed)

    • Your utility expense (gas, water, electrical energy, cellphone bill)

    • Your driver license.

    • Three to six personal referrals.

    • Proof of Auto Insurance