Bad Credit Car Loan Tips

bobb says yes bad credit car loan

In a Sea of “NO’s” Bobb Says Yes to a Bad Credit Car Loan!

We have been historically serving the families of Central Ohio since 1924, and ready to help your family next.

No one ever said when they grow up that they want to have bad credit, go all over town searching for a dealership where they may be approved for a loan, for a decent looking car with the least amount of trouble at least within the first year outside of routine maintenance.

It is extremely rare find a website for an auto dealer that has good used cars for sale.

Buying a used vehicle is no longer that difficult. The problem is not finding a dealership that will approve you for a loan, it is finding a lender that will approve you.

You want to find a used car dealer that works with the most lenders. Bobb Says Yes works with over 35 lenders that understands that things come up in life that impacts one’s credit making it difficult to acquire auto financing.

4639 W Broad St is the best place in Ohio to look for used cars.

Not only do we sell used cars, we also buy used cars.

Let us do all the running around for you.

If we do not have the vehicle in our inventory, then we can find it for you.

Rediscover the joy of buying cars with Bobb Says Yes at 4639 W Broad St Columbus, Ohio 43228 (614) 853-3000

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Being Approved for a Bad Credit Car Loan is more possible today than ever before.

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