Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) at Bobb Says Yes

Buy here pay here (BHPH)Ā is when vehicle financing is carried by theĀ dealership or the dealerships in house finance company.

Bobb Says YesĀ in house financing is serviced by National Auto Acceptance Corp. which is located at Bobb Automotive.

National Auto has originated over 10,000 loans to customers where financing though other banks has been unsuccessful. We accept payments at our location, through mail, and via credit card, debit card on site or over the phone.

Our buy here pay here programs are designed to assist customers who have experienced very significant financial bumps and bruises. If your credit score is on the lower end of the scale or if you have experienced difficulty getting a car loan, our buy here pay here program may be able to assist you.


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History and Background

BHPH basically began in the 1970s during the savings and loan crisis when it was difficult to get credit, rising unemployment, and a transforming economy; pretty much the same as it is today.

Automobile dealers had to find a way to continue selling vehicles to consumers who could not be be approved for a car loan without an extremely high down payment. In such cases when banks won’t loan to consumers the automobile dealer would start a related finance company (RFC), and have that company approveĀ the loan on the vehicle. This bold step decreases the risk on the sale and finance of the vehicle.


What are the Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here?

The most important benefit of buy here pay here financing is that it provides the most credit challenged people an opportunity to get much needed transportation.

Our buy here pay here can help you rebuild your credit history. All payments are reported to the credit bureau reporting agencies. We encourage all participants to make timely payments so that this positive behavior will be reported and result in credit score improvement.


What should i expect?

There are people who want to drive a newer and nicer vehicle or need reliable transportation, but think that it isn’t possible for them to do so. Are you in this category?

This being said, the process is the same as applying for a regular car loan, except that we are to approve loans that traditional banks regularly deny provided certain requirements are met:

  1. Minimum monthly income of $1600;
  2. Valid Driver’s License;
  3. Proof of Insurance;
  4. Proof of Residence;
  5. 6 References; and
  6. Your down payment.


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The best part of Bobb Says Yes buy here pay here program is that your credit is being improved/rebuilt when you make your regular payments because we report them to the credit bureaus.





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