Holiday Season Service Discounts

Bobb Auto Repair Spreads The Cheer With Holiday Season Service Discounts.


Holiday Season 2015

Holiday Season 2015

During the holidays many people spend time with their family, sometimes this involves travelling.

Finding the perfect present for family oftentimes requires going from store to store. Others have modernized their shopping with buying gift cards as gifts.

No matter how one does their holiday shopping, at some point it will definitely involve travelling.

It is often a joyous occasion to spend time with family during a road trip.

Do you remember playing games like finding the letters of the alphabet on license plates, and other road trip games.

Somewhere along the way while playing ‘Name That Tune’ something goes wrong with your vehicle. Everyone’s mood quickly changes as it takes forever for the tow truck to arrive. Meanwhile, all of the smiles turn upside down, the children are complaining about having to use the restroom, and you are being nagged about not arriving on time.

Bobb Auto Repair doesn’t want your Holidays becoming gloomy.

Enjoy Your Holidays with Peace of Mind with any of the following  Holiday Season Service Discounts:

Bobb Auto Repair Winterization PackageBobb Auto Repair Heater InspectionBobb Auto Repair Coolant EzxchangeBobb Auto Repair Wiper Blade InstallationBobb Auto Repair Tire Rotation with Service

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