Single Mom Used Cars Columbus Ohio

Single Mom Used Cars information provided when needed most after being abandoned.


There is simply no way for a single mother to take her children to school, to afterschool activities, to drop them off at daycare or to get to work without a personal means of transportation.

Single moms who are trying to make a better life for their children often find that reliable transportation is one of the most basic necessities. For many people, lack of transportation is the biggest barrier they will face if they want to be self-sufficient and work. In many rural areas, it can be impossible to get from home to work without a car because of lack of public transportation.


We here at Bobb Says Yes understand that it is not always possible to buy a car at a dealership as a single mom. As a matter of fact sometimes all you have is your tax refund check that provides just enough to buy a car with a lump sum, and so payments are not an option at this time.

Below is a list of places where a single mom may buy a used car. It is important to take someone along that will help you examine the car prior to purchase or you can use this Used Car Buyer Checklist if for some reason you have to go alone.


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