The Advantages of Buying Used Cars

The advantages of buying used cars at bobb says yes when you have bad credit.Columbus Ohio Used Cars

Bobb Says Yes has been helping families with their transportation needs since 1924, and happy to be able to help those with throughout Columbus Ohio with credit challenges buy reliable used cars.

Our mission is to provide quality transportation, excellent customer service and the best financing alternatives available.

It is important that you know there is always a way to obtain the financing you need no matter what your credit situation is. We are one of the few used car dealerships in Central Ohio that makes buying a used car with bad credit uncomplicated, and without taking forever.

We work with over 35 lenders, have in-house financing, and this helps re-establish your credit.

Those who buy used cars are buying their car closer to actual value. Sometimes this is difficult to realize any savings when the interest is added to the vehicle loan, which raises the total amount paid to the lender.

Auto Insurance is usually cheaper for a used car than it is for new car depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

We hear that many people have gone to other dealerships before applying with us, and have been denied an auto loan because of their credit. We dearly wish that we could reach more people before they become discouraged by being repeatedly denied a loan for their new used vehicle.

The biggest advantage of buying your car with Bobb Says Yes is that we understand that the issue is financing, instead of not being able to find your vehicle.


What does the Toyota Prius, the Mazda#, Acura TL, Honda Pilot, Kia Soul, Infiniti G35, Toyota Highlander,Toyota Camry Hybrid, and the Nissan Murano all have in common?

Consumer Reports names these vehicles (and their varying model years) as the best used cars for any budget in 2015.

Kelly Blue Book has a 2015 10 Best List for  awarded cars, back to school cars, road trip cars, best green cars, most fuel efficient SUVs, used cars under $8.000, and many more lists of 10 best vehicles


No matter what kind of vehicle one prefers it all boils down to making the numbers work together to have your auto loan approved. We know that there are better things to do than spend all day at a used car dealership waiting to find out if the loan on the vehicle you picked out has been approved. So here is the inside scoop:

Our Process

  • Fill Out Application Online
  • One of our finance specialists will contact you to verify the accuracy of all information and answer any questions.
  • Next, the finance specialist will discuss with you possible loan pre-approvals and options.
  • An appointment at your convenience will be scheduled to obtain any required documents and make vehicle selection.
  • Loan documents will be forwarded to lender for final approval, verification and final funding.


Driving home in your new used vehicle is a proud moment, and a big step toward re-establishing your credit.

It is important to make regular timely payments as part of rebuilding your credit.

Bobb Says Yes is a used car dealership located in Columbus Ohio proudly helping families stay on the road with reliable transportation. We realize that every vehicle is an important member of the family transporting precious cargo every day.


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